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donderdag 18 februari 2010

Das Weisse Band

In the weekend Valentine’s Day hit an obvious homerun, this ZoZa decided to avoid all commercially exploited entertainment and absorb some true culture. So off to the alternative movie theatre it was. Das Weisse Band was on screen that night. The Golden Globe and Golden Palm winning movie depicts German country life at the outset of World War I.

Nothing that gets your Saturday evening going like a good three hours of black and white silent cinematography, we told ourselves. Well, escaping the light heartedness of carnival and Valentine’s Day we sure did.

Initially, my friends had trouble focusing on screen and keeping their eyes open. However, their yawns gradually froze into startled faces when a series of not so pleasant events took place in Peasantville.

As is often the case with rural secluded villages, strict religious and moral standards were imposed on the villagers. Feeling repressed and rejected, those restrictions took their obvious toll on the community’s children.

These consequences do not display themselves over nights. In a Gerard Reve like suffocating atmosphere the picturesque images gradually reveal the not so pretty means a human mind can resort to if left without a discharge valve.

Not surprisingly, specifically the children of the bourgeoisie suffer most from the pressure to meet the impeccable image of the self-contained being that you just not are at four years old.
Not so different from the way you may sometimes feel when expected to act the part of the self confident and in control lawyer you just not are at the start of your career. However, we hope you will try not to unwind by poking out your peers eyes with office scissors when doing overtime.

Das weisse band, true a picture as it may paint, leaves you with a suffocating and depressed feeling. So much that it took me two beers and a Hollywood flat liner without plot or any cultural aspiration too overcome this sense of darkness.

Luckily, Pretty Woman was on Sunday, saving me from a Blue Monday.

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