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donderdag 22 april 2010

My boss is lazy

Our manager does not work. We, meaning my 11 colleagues and I, are convinced that he does not perform actual work activities during the day. That is next to reading the newspaper and checking the performance of his enormous stock portfolio.
He takes long lunches, starts working at 9:30am and often leaves for home before the rest of us, because he has to "take care of the children".

We know better. His children are 12 and 15 year of age, and as far as we know, he has a wife who does not work.
He often works from home, and if we call him, he usually does not respond right away. However he does sometimes send an e-mail from his Blackberry at 7am or 9pm to show us he is working day and night.

But we know better.

He has a strategically well-positioned desk, with his back to the window so no one can check his computer screen to see what he is doing...except when it is mid-winter and it gets dark early in the afternoon. My colleagues and I who face him can see the reflection of his computer screen in the window, without him knowing. This has lead to awkward situations. While he puts on a posture of a hard working man (frown, concentrated eyes, and high raised shoulders), we see him checking Twitter and playing point games on Party Poker. Whilst playing, he sporadically asks us work-related questions as to convince us he is working.

We know better.

He often misses the mornings in the office, due to public transportation problems and flat tires (we ride the bike to work in Amsterdam). He claims to be a statistical abnormality.

We know better.

Last month we had our annual performance evaluation. Our manager claims that costs are too high and revenues too low, so we have to say good-bye to our bonuses. We all have to try a bit harder to get our sales up to speed and show a good work ethic. It isn’t easy for him either, he works his ass of and he misses out as well.

We definitely know better.

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