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donderdag 24 juni 2010

Office World Cup Football Pool

Football season has begun. And in the office the men just love to spread their knowledge on the subject.
They even have quizzes during our lunch breaks.

"Who scored the winning goal in the 1981 final between Dynamo Tbilisi and Carl Zeiss Jena?"

Football is for men what Oprah is for women. Interminable stories on bullshit. But, since we are a football-loving nation, it is a crime to comment on it.
The climax of the footabll season is, of course, the Office World Cup Football Pool. And being the geeky banking department that we are, we have all the expertise in our department to fabricate a beautiful spreadsheet, in which we automatically upload the latest scores. Through different formulas in different sheets, the ranking of the pool pops up on the front page of the excel sheet, which is colored in beautiful orange.

It took two of my colleagues two days to develop the football pool sheet, but they were left alone by our otherwise pushy boss since this all had a higher, almost religious, purpose. After the sheet was finished, we all awed at their creation and they received a nod of approval of our otherwise grumpy, 'nothing is good enough' boss.

Of cours, everybody had to join the bet and predict the scores of all the games, including the number of total goals and the best scoring player of the tournament. Not participating (since you don’t care about football and entering the pool would just mean losing money to your co-workers) was out of the question if you wanted to stay on the boss’s good side.

So I entered. I donated the money as a pay-off to keep my career in line and I filled the sheet in five minutes. I was the laughing stock of the department when they saw I predicted Spain-Switzerland to be 0-1 and Italy-Paraguay 1-1.

My dad told me in advance that the winner is always the one that knows the littlest about football.

My name is now on top of the orange Office World Cup Football Pool ranking list. I am getting famous throughout the office and people envy me. On top of that I could earn some serious money.

I love football.

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