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donderdag 5 augustus 2010

Being Kaltgestellt at Work

You never know when you will accidentally hit the red button in a law firm. But when it happens, prepare for a freeze fest.
Leave your pen on a partner's desk when he's having a bad day and you're forever the sloppy girl who needs to pay more attention to details. When you send a memo at 4pm instead of 2pm, you are sent of to an all-day, non-catered time management course. Never mind that when your partner asked you to send the piece, he was simultaneously stuffing his face with an enormous piece of cheese. And then open-mouth breathed something your way that sounded like "tooowwacock". You thought this sound was part of digestion. It's not fair!
. It also is a mystery why partners take a liking to say, an annoying slacker, and decide that the super eager memo machine just isn't pushing the right buttons. Either you're suitable or you're not. And a little unsuitable will never be a suitable. Sad!

I was talking to a girl who works with a big firm in Amsterdam, and her firm had decided that she was an "unsuitable". She told me: "At first I only noticed that I was getting work from partners like putting together contact lists. Then I became Confidentiality Claudia, drafting confidentiality agreements only. I was going insane. Now, I don't get any work at all anymore. At first it's fun, going home early. Taking long lunch breaks. But now I'm slowly going mental of boredom! Why did they stop giving me work?"

Poor Confidentiality Claudia. There is a beautiful German word we use for slowly wasting away in the workplace. When partners or managers no longer give you any work, you are being kaltgestellt. An effective way of saying goodbye to an employee without actually saying it. No employee will ever recover from a Kaltstellung. So when you have been going home at 6pm for the past four months while your colleagues are working night shifts, it is time to start dusting off your C.V.

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