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woensdag 8 september 2010

Office Detox

So bad, I only got in at 10 this morning. Do you think they’ll sack me now?

Summer in the City. Of course, there is no soaring heat here in The Netherlands, but summer is still omnipresent. For it is quiet these days at the office. The drafting army of the ZuidAs has slimmed down to half its regular size. Every senior with school-age children is off to some tropical island or French camp site, convicted to the annual 48 hours of 'quality time' with the kids and in desperate need of an all-year-lasting tan.

Consequently, we slack. Finally, time for some extracurricular activities: the hairdresser, a facial or an all-afternoon shopping session. Summer is the generally accepted chill zone for the City boys and girls.

Yet, contrary to City boys, City girls tend to confess up after a double-booked business hour or two. We will drop by each other’s office to flush out the guilt by complaining about our own slacking. “You know (mournful gaze), I am such a bad person, I have only billed two hours today.” Apparently, we feel the need to come clean.

Is it guilt? Is it insecurity? It is the need for reassurance.

Girls, live a little. Do we ever hear our male colleagues say this? No. They’ll just crack little jokes about their recent status as office pariah. We, on the other hand, nag. Idle and less-fun attempts to downplay the consequences of our slacking behavior. As if. As if it makes it less worse to spill our milk and confess up to our office peers!

Either be a slacker and enjoy it (in silence). Or, if you feel that the slacking gets out of control: quit your naughty behavior altogether. Just say no.

But, as we all know, acknowledgement of the problem is the start of the cure. So, all right then, one more time out loud:

"My name is Corporate Claudia and I am a slacker."

Bravo Claudia! Well done! Now get back to work.

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