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dinsdag 18 januari 2011

The Secret of My MIA Colleague

Ducking and diving when shit hits the fan, my colleague 'Missy' always seems to be MIA. And she always gets away with it. How does she do it?

My colleague 'Missy' really is as smooth as a Teflon pan. Nothing sticks to this lady.

Before Christmas, a concerned colleague got in touch about a certain file that Missy was handling. Apparently a few months ago, some action had been needed on the part of Missy. But nobody seem to see any emails in the file showing she had taken care of it. Something needed to be done. Because Missy was on holiday, I got the panicky call from the other department enquiring about the status of the file.

The phone call was like a manic game of table tennis: me trying to answer questions from the department while frantically batting the ball of responsibility away. No, I did not know what was going on in the file. "It's Missy's file. Missy will deal with it!"

I sent Missy an email urging her to get in touch with the department. When Missy came back to the office, she asked me to explain what happened during her holiday. I went to see her in her room, and i saw that she had also invited the other department guy.

That's when she pulled her Missy Magic Trick.

She said: "Thanks for contacting us, we were not aware of this problem. We need to be looking into this next week. I already let our partner know that we will be dealing with this swiftly." Before I could mutter my protests, the colleague from the other department left the room, satisfied with Missy's answer.

Boom. Within five minutes of returning from holiday, Missy had made her problem a joint problem. If I had said to my boss, "No thanks - I have nothing to do with this file. Missy should deal with it", he would have just looked at me annoyed, waving his hand implying, "Why are you standing here? I'm busy. I don't care. Solve it."

That's her secret. So clever that Missy, now we're a tag-team and I will be starting the new year cleaning her mess from the last. The next time I answer a phone and her name comes up, I will drop the horn like a hot potato, and it will be me who is Missy-In-Action.

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