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woensdag 9 februari 2011

Occupational Hazards

“Good morning and thank you for flying KLM. We are now approaching Schiphol airport. Due to the good weather conditions, we are slightly ahead of schedule. The estimated arrival time is 8:15am.”

I instantly awake from my morning slumber. My heart fills with joy. Estimated arrival time 8:15am?! A quick calculation confirms my instant response. We are 15 minutes early! Fifteen minutes to get myself a magazine. Fifteen minutes to get myself a coffee. Fifteen minutes to catch up on social talk. Fifteen minutes to stock up on groceries. Or, fifteen minutes get the earlier fast track train – with a potential additional time gain as a result. Wow, that could add up to thirty whole minutes!

What my best friend experiences in the supermarket sales corners – feelings of joy and ecstasy - I experience when granted an additional time slot. It is strange how much pleasure I take from an unexpected time gain. Really, I do not think that a 30% reduction at Karen Millen would have the same effect. It is not that my job is so dreadful or that I am a complete burnout (although I might have been too busy to properly reflect on both subjects), it’s just that I have a compulsive disorder that causes me to distribute my valuable time efficiently. Obsessively. Immediately. Nothing can go to waste. Must. Be. Efficient. Being a corporate lawyer, I believe it comes with the job.

My mind maps the day out in time slots of six minutes. Shower. Two slots. Bleep bleep. Make up. One slot. Bleep. Morning coffee and Internet tour du jour. Six whole slots. Bleeperdebleeperdeebleep. It just doesn’t stop at the required six billable hours. It includes all 24 hours of the day, seven days a week. When granted extra time, it feels like my budget has been raised all of a sudden.

This morning I experienced the same rush as my friend during sales. I lost control. I ended up missing my train whilst spilling coffee on my skirt on the way back from the airport supermarket where I forgot half of my groceries. I was late for work.

Extra money can be stored away safely, but extra minutes have to be spent immediately. Mo’ minutes, mo’ problems.

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