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maandag 7 februari 2011

Paycheck? No thank you

The Zuidas thrives on fear. Fear of not meeting expectations. Fear of not keeping up. Fear of loss of income. Fear of financial obligations (sky-rocketing mortgage, anyone?).

This is what we concluded after some empirical ill-reasoned field studies during seasonal drinks. When asked about the motivation to continue their jobs after the fourth cocktail, nine out of ten Zuidassers would state an external reason rather than the most obvious 'Because I like it' explanation. “I am afraid that they will think I wasn't able to make it.” “I am afraid I won't be able to find a similar job that pays the rent."

We may have double-calculated input after the fourth Champagne. However, at the Zuidas, many an insecure overachiever is present. And, as we know, fear is a lousy advisor.

This is underlined by the incredible story we learned of the other week. Meet Miss Moneypenny. Fresh out of university, this young aspiring corporette was recently acquired by the most renowned law firm in the country. With a former Court of Appeals judge as a father, Moneypenny had some large shoes to fill. However, with a double master in economics and law, and an extracurricular resume that would make Blair Waldorf look like a social pariah, Moneypenny came well prepared.

Maybe a bit too much, actually. The girl worked her butt off and suffered from a burnout within two months. All in all, nothing very extraordinary so far. Until she picked up the phone to call the HR department of the firm. Not to call in sick, but with the request to cancel her paycheck for the months she was unable to work. She felt guilty since she had only recently joined the firm and feared her illness could jeopardize her position. Poor thing! However, the most remarkable detail of the story is that HR accepted. Excuse me?

A mentally instable junior offers her paycheck whilst being absent for less than two months. In a country known for its employee favoring employment laws, it is unthinkable that HR would even consider to accept such an offer. Should you be a self-confident future rainmaker at the outset, this type of undermining behavior would even take you down. We hope not only the trainee gets her senses, back but the firm too.

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